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“[Chrys] should put all these tips together in a book. It's great info.” –Kelly Hashway, YA, NA and Children’s Book Author
“One thing I've ALWAYS loved about [Chrys’s] posts is the way [she] really think[s] about each and every aspect of a topic. And then, [she] explain[s] it so well!” – Cherdo, blogger
“[Chrys] always give[s] the best information and advice - and it's free!!!” –Dixie at DCRelief, blogger

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be an expert on any of the subjects below, but I do offer tips and things to keep in mind.

In 2013 I shared my knowledge on certain topics that I wrote about in the last book of my (unpublished) series. This feature is called Writing About, and I am continuing it based on scenes and characters from my published and unpublished works. 

I hope you enjoy the ones I've shared so far!


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